Industrial Boilermakers Italy

Years of research have allowed us to gradually increase the efficiency of boilers. A strategic principle has been that of the possibility of allowing the boiler to work in modulating conditions of produced hot water temperature, in order to strictly satisfy the required heat and its variation. This avoids a useless maintenance of the carrier fluid at high temperature, with consequent excessive heat loss due to the radiation of generator and distribution circuits.

The temperature modulation, a noticeable water content of the boiler and a good insulation allow a significant increase in the seasonal yield (what really matters in terms of economic savings).

What is now also consolidated is the adoption of an “economizer” exchanger, that is a special fume / water heat exchanger designed to cool exhaust gases even to their condensation. In this way it is possible to recover also the latent heat of the fumes and to obtain total returns equal to 102% (referred to the lower calorific value of the fuel).


Industrial Boilermakers

Our company, in fact, can count on a staff composed by expert and qualified technicians, constantly updated about innovation and technological development, as well as on all the news of the market.

The use of advanced equipment and instruments allows us to always be decisive in our installation and maintenance interventions, not before having carried out a proper and accurate inspection to fully understand the needs of the customer and the layout of the sites.

The boiler fumes analyzers are professional instruments suitable for use by operators who must carry out an analysis of the combustion fumes of boilers, in compliance with the regulations in force in Italy.

Energy efficiency and the reduction of atmospheric pollution are very discussed topics: in the latest years a particular attention has been paid about that.