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We deal with the production and supply of valves, oil and gas interception valves, valves for military constructions, valves and pressure vessels for reverse osmosis.

We constantly aim to improve our product offering to provide the customer and the end user with the best product available on the market.

To make it possible, we design, produce and deliver tailored products in a short time, putting in the field competence and precision gained in more than thirty years of activity. With passion we put our experience at your service.

The materials used for the construction of the valves are suitably selected looking at temperature, pressure and the type of fluid that must be intercepted or regulated; they are rigorously accompanied by certification.

The valves can be supplied together with all the components necessary for the maneuver (manual gearboxes, electric or pneumatic actuators) and related accessories (counterflanges, expansion joints, gaskets and linkage).


Dealer Valve

The valves can be operated both with manual devices, such as lever or handwheel / reducer (depending on the required torque required and in accordance with local legislation in terms of work regulations or safety), and servo-assisted, such as pneumatic, hydraulic actuators, over oil, electric gas, etc.

100% of the valves are tested together with their control device before delivery.

A petrochemical plant consists of a multiplicity of valves that perform different functions.

The valves for petrochemical plants can be: relief valves, micrometric valves, ball valves, needle valves.

These different types of valves, even if they realize different functions, must have some precise common characteristics.

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