Valve for Oil&Gas Apply

Our extensive knowledge and experience about Oil & Gas production and processing applications allow MASCOT engineers to select the correct valve for the end-user applications. With a focus on maximizing customer production and reducing overall plant operating costs, the design of our control valves provides the lowest MTBPM against our major competitors.

Passing and excessive seat leakage is caused by trim erosion & wearing (wire drawing) of the plug and seat and where pressure balanced trim designs are typically used. Mascot GFLO control valves with unbalanced trims provides exceptionally tight shutoff and this minimizes trim erosion.

Valve for Oil&Gas

With this purpose, the product lines of forged trunnion and floating valves, double ball valves (twin ball) for standard, cryogenic, for corrosive liquids and control ball valves for compressible and incompressible fluids have been developed.

All new products are developed through an accurate and formal verification and validation process with calculations, finite element analysis (FEA) and fluid dynamic computational analysis (CFD), in order to guarantee the performance of the valves in the conditions required by the customer.

The valve construction materials are in accordance with customer specifications (carbon, austenitic, duplex, nickel alloys) and non-metallic materials (thermoplastic and elastomeric) are carefully chosen to guarantee the best performance.

Non-destructive tests are always carried out according to quality control plans issued per order.

All certification and documentation are issued according to FIVAL S.R.L. standards and to customer specifications.

Reasons for getting valve for oil & gas apply from Fival

The materials we use to make our valves are carefully selected as we put into consideration the pressure, temperature and the type of fluid that must be regulated or intercepted. In addition to that, we supply our valves along with other components that will make maneuvering easy such as gearboxes, actuators and other related accessories. Moreover, we test these vales before they are delivered to you. Make your way to our warehouse for the best tailor-made valves!

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